The Latest From Up & Coming Brand Zone Fauve

N17 Creative Callings recipient Morgan Jones founder of Zone Fauve updates us with his latest news…

‘It’s been an exciting few weeks here at Zone Fauve and here are some of the highlights:

‘One of our tops was worn on stage at Glastonbury by Naima Bock band member, and violinist extraordinaire, Magdalena. In addition to this, we recently completed a bespoke performance outfit for Tara, lead vocalist and bassist for the brilliant band Tash. Over the next couple of weeks we will be finalising a bespoke performance outfit for yet another of our favourite musicians!

Magdalena of Naima Bock wearing Zone Fauve top on stage at Glastonbury
Photo by Meitar Wegman
Insta links: @magdalena @naimabock @meitarwegman @zonefauve
Tara of Tash wearing bespoke Zone Fauve top and skirt
Photo by Felicitas Fuchs
Insta links: @mothertash @wearetash @felicitrix @zonefauve

‘In addition to this, we’ve been featured in an article by The Crack Magazine, an article by fashion journalist Cheyenne Darko, and an episode of the ‘We Found Fashion’ podcast where I made a guest appearance earlier this year discussing Genderless fashion.

‘So yes, it’s been an exciting few weeks, and we’ve got a lot on the cards to look forward to over the next few months, so stay tuned…

To peruse and learn about our work, visit, where you can find see what we’re about and shop our current collection. Make sure you follow us on insta too @zonefauve


Morgan Xx’

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