Business Consulting

We are here to provide hand-holding support for your business. Whatever industry you work in within the creative sector your business needs a mix of solid genuine business advice but then hard hitting guidance on specific issues that are pertinent to you and your business. We have been providing business advice for over 20 years and helped 1000s of creatives to have a thriving business.

Marketing Support

We have an extensive network of marketing opportunities that provides a reach into business and consumer markets. We carefully review the current market positions of your brand and where your aspirations lie for the future. Then the marketing mix combines to provide a strategic plan that we will help you to implement. We have our own tools available on all social media platforms too.

Production support

Whether you need to make a sample, bulk production, website, jewellery, host a music event or even create a scene for a play we can help and support! Working with a wide range of partners throughout Tottenham means that we can offer a diverse matrix of production assistance for you and your brand. No job is too big or too small!

Expert Mentors

We have a wide range of business mentors that have years of experience in the different creative sectors. The mentors are specialists in areas such as law, finance and accounts, design and creativity and digital. We also have life coaches to support you. Recently we announced a new mentor from Central St Martin’s: Kaushik Velendra and his critically acclaimed label Maision Velendra.

Seminars and co-designed qualifications

Both Fashion-Enter and Collage Arts are ESFA approved training providers offering quality training for qualification attainment. We can co-design the qualifications to ensure the course is right for you and your business needs. These qualifications are provided free of charge.


We are hosting events every single week! We have workshops, seminars and we also have employer events whereby you can meet like-minded business owners that then provide an extensive network for you. The Employer Engagement sessions are packed with useful information and support on all business areas and functions.
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Establishing improved partnerships between creative businesses and educational institutions

To promote active partnerships between businesses, schools, Further Education (FE) and Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s), to improve labour market relevance of skills training and create work experience and similar opportunities which tackle barriers to entry and progression in the creative sector for under-represented groups (leading to business-education relationships that can be sustained post project). Case studies include: A Creative Careers event held on 21st October 2021. Year 10 students from Heartlands High School in Haringey attended the two-hour event and tour of the factory to gain insight into the variety of careers and skills required to work within the fashion industry.
A series of seminars and tours were adapted to incorporate the course and curriculum of the visiting school, college or university. Throughout the project Fashion-Enter welcomed students from Westminster University, London College of Fashion and the Fashion Retail Academy. After each tour the team received feedback from all the students and the level of engagement and knowledge gained proved to be excellent.