N17 Entrepreneurial Callings Event

On Wednesday 16th November 2022 Fashion-Enter Ltd and partner Collage Arts hosted an event at Blighty café/co-working space to raise awareness about the GLA funded N17 Creative Callings programme. Local creatives attended and were able to participate in group activities aimed at getting to know themselves better and highlight any skills they could bring to the table. The event was hosted in conjunction with Haringey Entrepreneurship Week. 

Denise Stanley, a non-formal education and social inclusion advocate, gave an opening speech from her personal experience as a starter in the industry and how she came to develop qualifications for creatives through CLOCK, a learning and professional development programme for those who were unable to enter formal education for one reason or another. “Entrepreneurship is about leaving the fish and chips shop,” Denise said. 

Aided by Chema, the team from CLOCK held a skills discovery workshop and were able to get attendees thinking and draw from past experiences where they provoked, collaborated, engaged, lifted spirits.  “A very good communicator might struggle about specific situations,” Chema said. 

The workshop provided an opportunity for a Q&A session where attendees gained more awareness and confidence in their abilities and positivity overall.

Sarah and Toby from Collage Arts facilitated the workshop and displayed some of the creative work existing N17 participants achieved as a result of completing digital skills qualifications via the programme. Fashion-Enter Ltd displayed their video entry introduction to the N17 Creative Callings programme which was presented at the European Social Fund event held in spring this year plus a testimonial introduced by Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway. 

Esme from Fashion-Enter said: “Jenny was originally meant to be a guest speaker so I had some really big shoes to fill! There was some interest in our stitching, pattern cutting and tailoring courses within Fashion and Textiles and I was able to illustrate an example from an artist who transitioned into having their designs printed onto fabric and expanded their business reach. The event was a nice opportunity to work with our partner Collage Arts in a different capacity.”  

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