Business Mentoring Support for Teelo and Frame Perfect

Frame Perfect is a collective company that offers fashion visual production and coordinates live events such as fashion shows and shoots. They focus on fashion and beauty and have a wide cross section of clients from start-ups to scale-ups. In the past FEL has worked with Teelo and have had strong results with both the Belles of London website and the Fonthill Fashion’s website. 

FEL CEO Jenny Holloway commented: “Teelo is one of these guys that is just a creative ball of energy. We love his passion and his commitment and he has so many contacts because he is genuine through and through. We want to work closely with Teelo and actually, we want to slow him down! We want him to concentrate on the profitable parts of his business and really think about sustainability and working smarter not harder.”   

Frame Perfect creates a one-stop solution to a creatives needs but care and attention has to be made to ensure that the objectives of the brief are clear, achievable and costings are correct. 

On 17th February 2023 Jenny and Teelo had a morning’s review on how to move forward. It’s not easy going into a deep dive into someone’s business but it must be done!  

Teelo at FEL’s in-house micro-factory

Jenny further explained: “As a CEO and founder myself I know how easy it is to be involved in too much detail and not focus on strategical direction and concentrate on SWOT, 7 P’s and identifying what the cash cow is of your business – as per the Boston Matrix! I wanted to dig down to find out what are the rising stars for Teelo and we found a new sector!”

The more we talked about the business during the meeting we realised how genuinely creative Teelo is. Whilst he gives this expertise to others as part of his business plan Jenny started to focus on Teelo himself, and what he could do if he founded a fashion brand!  

Jenny continued: “Teelo is a relatively new father and this means there is more pressure on Teelo with time than ever before. He wants a legacy for his son and he wants to make a meaningful impact in fashion today.”

By the end of the morning session there was a new bespoke training plan and a new way forward that will be profitable and improve the finances for Teelo so they are steady and Teelo can have a regular income. 

Teelo says it all: “Having worked with Jenny twice before on Belles and Fonthill Fashion I know that Fashion-Enter leads in fashion and business advice. They know what they are doing. Without giving too much away at this stage I’m now on a path that’s right for me – a sustainable new brand that lights my fire. Watch this space.” 

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