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N17 CREATIVE CALLINGS is a project designed for creative businesses, employees and freelancers operating or living in Tottenham, funded by the GLA and the European social fund.

About N17 Creative Callings

Marquel Williams, Tottenham resident

Fashion Designer, Central St Martins

Calling all creatives in Tottenham

We are pleased to announce that Fashion-Enter is delivering an exciting new project called ‘N17 Creative Callings’. The project, which is funded by the Greater London Authority and the European Social Fund, and supported by Haringey Council, will work with Londoners and small businesses within the Tottenham Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) to boost Haringey’s Creative Industries. We are partnering with Collage Arts which is a leading arts development, training and creative regeneration charity based in heart of Haringey’s Cultural Quarter. Between us, and other partners, we are going to put Tottenham's creative businesses well and truly on the map

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Our Services

Business Consulting

We are here to provide hand-holding support for your business. Whatever industry you work in within the creative sector your business needs a mix of solid genuine business advice but then hard hitting guidance on specific issues that are pertinent to you and your business. We have been providing business advice for over 20 years and helped 1000s of creatives to have a thriving business.

Marketing Support

We have an extensive network of marketing opportunities that provides a reach into business and consumer markets. We carefully review the current market positions of your brand and where your aspirations lie for the future. Then the marketing mix combines to provide a strategic plan that we will help you to implement. We have our own tools available on all social media platforms too.

Production support

Whether you need to make a sample, bulk production, website, jewellery, host a music event or even create a scene for a play we can help and support! Working with a wide range of partners throughout Tottenham means that we can offer a diverse matrix of production assistance for you and your brand. No job is too big or too small!

Expert Mentors

We have a wide range of business mentors that have years of experience in the different creative sectors. The mentors are specialists in areas such as law, finance and accounts, design and creativity and digital. We also have life coaches to support you. Recently we announced a new mentor from Central St Martin's: Kaushik Velendra and his critically acclaimed label Maision Velendra.

Seminars and co-designed qualifications

Both Fashion-Enter and Collage Arts are ESFA approved training providers offering quality training for qualification attainment. We can co-design the qualifications to ensure the course is right for you and your business needs. These qualifications are provided free of charge.


We are hosting events every single week! We have workshops, seminars and we also have employer events whereby you can meet like-minded business owners that then provide an extensive network for you. The Employer Engagement sessions are packed with useful information and support on all business areas and functions.
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What N17 Creative Callings has done for me and my business with Mi Bambino

'Without the help of expertise from N17 Creative Callings, I wouldn't have had this amazing contract helping local businesses in London to move forward!' Lauren, Founder of Mi Bambino.
This time we interview Lauren, who was at the cross road with her start up fashion business, Mi - Bambino. She then took part into our most exciting project N17 Creative Callings, which we helped her build her business with guidance from experienced business experts and rebuilt her confidence. We are so excited to say now she has received an amazing paid contract helping local businesses in London to move forward.
Supported by Greater London Authority, the European Social Fund, and Haringey Council, N17 Creative Callings will work with Londoners and small businesses within the Tottenham Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) to boost Haringey’s Creative Industries. If you are around the area and need help in building your creative business, email:
Lauren is an amazing lady who does luxury childrenswear, which she puts all her time and effort in making sure her clothing line is nothing but the best. Please go and support small creative businesses like Lauren's. Without your help and support, the UK's fashion wouldn't have been so unique and diverse.
Click here to see Lauren's website!


'If I can do it, you can!' - Marquel Williams

'We met Marquel eight years ago when he joined us as a Level 1 stitching student - you could just tell he was bursting with creative ideas. He soon progressed to the level 2 and then started the pattern making courses too. He was so alive with talent that we put him forward for a level 3 apprenticeship with DIS Clothing - they make for Strictly Come Dancing. He succeed in his application and dispute a journey from North London to Croydon each day he completed his two year apprenticeship with flying colours.

Today he is undertaking a BA(Hons) in Menswear Fashion Design with Central St Martins; our leading fashion university in the UK. Marquel just shows us all what a little bit of determination and grit can do - you too have these opportunties to excel.'
Jenny Holloway, CEO Fashion-Enter

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Why are creatives important?

Market Share

The Creative Industries contribute £105bn gross value added (GVA) to the UK economy, which is greater than automotive, aerospace, life sciences and oil and gas industries combined.


The Creative Industries are growing at more than twice the rate of the economy as a whole.

Job Markets

The Creative Industries employ more than 2 millions in the UK and projected to create an additional 1 million by 2030.


The Creative Industries export £46bn in goods and services worldwide and account for more than 12% of UK services exports.

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